Who killed macbeth?

The trial of the three infamous kings took place in the year 1286. The aim of the king is to track down the leaders of the rebellious lords and bring MacBain to justice. As such, it is crucial to learn the story behind the execution of the two known men. Remember, the hanging of the false chief Justus’son in a prison yard is not an easy task for the slain knights. The actual reason for the death of the main leader, the Dane, is still nagging him. No one wanted to be part of a family that had been kicked off the faith. After the gruesome punishment, the latter assembled his forces and started taking care of the rest of the populace. The belief that the noblemen were guilty of the crime led the young King to plot an end to all forms of religious persecutions and interferes with the new order. This plan proved to be successful and the settled the conflict between the Scandinavian and English monarchs for the people of the area to become independent states.

The Executioner

As for the person who got the ear of the Danish prince, it is also important to know how he managed to get the hang of the fallen duke. What aspect of the events leading to the trial that the court would seek to discover is yet to be discovered. However, it is certain that the outcome of the execution could have triggered some aspects of the judgment that the jury might have felt after hearing the verdict.

Therefore, it is entirely understandable that the crowd rose up and offered their thanks to the executed figure. One thing that the audience did is raise the question, what exactly went wrong? Perhaps the killer of the supposed boy forgot to ask the deceased man for directions, or the judge missed something useful in the request.

After the presentation, various officials from both sides presented to the gathered crowds the bodies of the dead individuals and asked for their rightful recompense. The different representatives from each side requested for the payment

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